Mittwoch, 14. Juli 2010


S&D Euro MPs today claimed victory after strengthening Commission proposals on jobs despite right-wing opposition.

Following a vote in the European Parliament's employment and social affairs committee, S&D members managed to create guidelines for a minimum wage and turn the spotlight on the fight against poverty. They also created a framework for improving job prospects for young people, older workers and migrants.

Clear targets will be set for reducing unemployment.

Said German Euro MP Jutta Steinrück, who drew up a report on the issue for the European Parliament: "Millions of people have lost their jobs because of the financial and economic crisis. As social democrats, we remain committed to the goal of full employment in Europe. This is a very important signal to those who are unemployed for a long time: We won't let anybody down, but we will help them find a job.

"We must not wait too long. The social partners will have a key role to play. Here we have to support the unions, which are in dialogue with the employers' association about conditions for good jobs. We also urge the Belgian Presidency of the Council to back our proposals."

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